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Special Collections & Archives' Virtual Exhibit Hall

The Virtual Exhibit Hall allows SC&A staff to display multiple digital exhibits and make them all accessible from the same location. The Virtual Exhibit Hall runs on Omeka, a software created by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.

Special Collections & Archives, George Mason University Libraries

Special Collections & Archives (SC&A) is the unit within the University Libraries charged with acquiring, documenting, preserving, and providing access to primary research collections and documents. SC&A also manages the non-current and archival records of George Mason University, is responsible for the administration of, and preservation and access to the University's theses and dissertations, and undertakes, through its Oral History program, the creation of audiovisual documentary resources. SC&A services, collections and programs support the teaching and research activities of George Mason University and also serve the community at large.

Documents in SC&A are authentic, original, often unique, valuable, fragile, or otherwise exceptional. Some have the capacity to evoke the past, and embody the transmittal of knowledge over time. Others simply function as the only record of an individual or corporate life. SC&A preserves the materiality of information as it has been recorded and distributed in its original format. SC&A also adds value to its holdings through selective digitization and through interpretive exhibits, instruction, and programming.