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The Sixties: A Time in Transition


Man on the Moon. Civil Rights Act of 1964. Vietnam War. A country divided between a consumer culture and a counterculture. These events defined the 1960s as a time of transition. A transition that improved the lives of millions in the U.S. while bringing untold pain and hardship to millions of others abroad. These exhibits showcase selected items from SC&A that illustrate the dramatic changes over the course of one decade.

This exhibit is divided into three parts. In Popular Literature of the 1960s, several books by important 1960s authors are displayed. American Life includes photographs of space exploration and transportation and pamphlets on vacationing. Politics and The Cold War features items from the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, the Civil Rights Movement, and materials pertaining to nuclear war, Cuba, and China.


Eron Ackerman, Leah Donnelly, Veronica Fisher, Jordan Patty, and Bob Vay


Popular Literature of the 1960s

Literature of the 1960s illustrated many of the issues, themes, and events of the decade. Events such as the landmark election of 1960, issues such as racism, class conflict, liberation and politics in the developing world, and other themes were reflected in popular reading.

Displayed here are several first edition volumes of popular works of the sixties.

American Life

Politics and The Cold War